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Professor Angeles Blanco     

Professor Angeles Blanco works in the Department of Chemical Engineering at the Complutense University of Madrid. She is the leader of the Cellulose and Paper Research Group and of the Advanced UCM-HOLMEN Laboratory within the facilities of Holmen Paper in Madrid. Her research activities are focused on pulp and paper research in the area of wet-end chemistry, paper recycling, deposit control, sustainable water use and, more recently, in nanotechnology and on the development of treatment trains for water reuse in different industrial sectors, such as chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and food.



Professor Carlos Negro

Professor Carlos Negro is a Professor of Chemical Engineering at the Complutense University of Madrid. His research interest is focussed mainly on sustainable water use in the industry, wet-end chemistry, paper science and technology, recycling and nanotechnology. Carlos group has made broad range of contributions to the paper recycling industry and the sustainable water use for different industrial sector including: chemical industry, paper industry, petrochemical, packaging, stainless steel and food industries. He is also President of the Spanish Chemistry & Society Forum.

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